Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Starting to blog again! SIU Basketball

I have neglected my blogging for a while. I think when I was blogging I was more encouraged to shoot every day. With me doing primarily video now, I have been shooting a lot less than I would like. I'm going to try to turn that around. I've set up my Uni400 monolights in the SIU Arena and have been getting familiar with shooting action with strobe. Its been challenging. Here's what I shot tonight.

It was Senior Night and I made this picture of Senior Carlton Fay crying with his mother before the game. We ran this photo in the newspaper tonight, which was cool because with me doing video I haven't had much paper exposure.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Unofficial St. Patrick's Day

Met some awesome new people this weekend. It was a super busy weekend that took me as far away as Salem Mo, where I watched some rally race action. No pics here of that just yet.
But I had these photos toned up and to put the site for an online feature so I figured I'd throw them up here too. Which brings me to this statement: I'm blogging again!!! After a long hiatus.

Posted after the pictures is the short story I wrote for the website.

Students celebrate unofficial St. Patrick’s Day
James Durbin | Daily Egyptian

"Motorists on Mill Street in the early afternoon may have noticed a group of students dressed in green playing games and lounging in chairs during the unseasonably warm weather that graced Carbondale Friday afternoon.

In keeping with Southern’s tradition of “unofficial” holidays, the group of about 8 students, dressed in full St. Patrick’s Day attire, kicked off the weekend with a game of bags and cold beverages. Passing motorists, at the encouragement of a hastily prepared banner, honked their horns in approval.

“SIU’s Unofficial [St. Patrick's Day] is 120% better than U of I’s Unoffical,” said Matt Woike, a junior from Lemont studying aviation management.

Woike and his friends were doing their best to make that statement true. So, next time the weather is nice, be sure to honk at this group as you drive down Mill Street. Keeping the title of being the best partiers in the state of Illinois takes hard work and dedication, they are deserving of your support."

Sunday, November 1, 2009